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8-16 March 2024

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Four years after a tragic banana related accident, super spy Curt Mega struggles to return to his former glory, masking his grief and guilt with charisma and booze. But when the American Secret Service (A.S.S) uncovers a plot to rebuild the Nazi empire, Curt is thrust into the field to save the world once again. Equipped with a licence to kill and the voice of an angel, Agent Mega must team up with a double-crossing Russian femme fatale, infiltrate opulent casinos, and outsmart an outrageous horde of villains from black market arms dealer to the Deadliest Man Alive. With shadowy Cold War politics and advanced technologies quickly changing the world of espionage, it’s time for Mega to face the music and ask himself: does a future even exist for a suave gentleman spy anymore?
Contains themes of facism, genocide, antisemitism, and homophobia with reference to death and torture. These concepts are presented comedically and we hope we do not offend our audience.


Spies Are Forever Cast and Character List

Production Team

Matt Dorahy

Director/Assistant Choreographer

Jessica Luth

Prod. Manager/Choreographer/

Assistant Director


Kimberly Gilbert

Musical Director


Zoe Conolan-Glen

Musical Director

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